Please support the Ecotourism Training Center

Some people we'd like to thank

A huge, heartfelt thank you goes to everyone that has contributed to the ETC large or small. Your invaluable support has allowed our very existance. It gives us the chance to offer the much needed education, training and hope that has made such a difference to the in the lives of our students. We hope you are as proud as we are to be part of it.

Special mention goes to the following:

Thank you Kessara, Paul, Richard, Kyou, Suang, Chodok, Lek, Nakorn, and the entire Kenan Team for your amazing support and the new directions you've put before us. Kenan holds the key to our sustainable future, and has been a huge partner in 2007-2008. Thanks so much!
The staff and students of the ETC would like to formally thank the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Social Justice Fund and Local 444 for their generous sponsorship of six ETC students.  A special thank you to the following individuals Basil "Buzz" Hargrove, Ken Lewenza, Annie Labaj and Bob Chernecki as well as all CAW members who donated to the Tsunami Relief fund. Your donation will enable our students to continue on their path to success and reach their goals!
Thank you Shahram Saber and Hans Ullrich and everyone on the PADI team for your tremedous support for the ETC. PADI was the first organization to believe in our work and the first to stand up and deliver vital wind beneath our wings.

Thank you Rod Mikels and Drew Hagen of Invision Communications. It began with our Apple Computer Lab, a key to our success, both for the education of our students and our communication outreach to the world. Underwater video equipment, website, emergency financing, and the link with OpUSA. We wouldn't be here without your support, and there's just no way we can express our gratitude in words.

Thank you Greg Tantum and Brett Burkhart for your 2 part Radio series on KGO newstalk radio. This was an important step in our fight to create and fund our program, and we will forever be grateful for your belief in us.

To all the great men of Scubazoo Simon Christopher, Ian Jennings, Matt Oldfield, Simon Enderby, the ETC sends our deepest thank you. For the hands on training in underwater video for our students, for the equipment, for the footage, for the time and the caring that your team gave to ours. You guys are the best and the ETC wishes to see Scubazoo rise to the top of the undersea production world. We know you will.

Thank you Dave Covey, Gary Hawks, Dr. Luba Matic and the crew at SSS for your support of our program and for the emergency oxygen equipment to help us train our students. You’ve helped us stay safe and prepared in all our diving activities.

Thank you Peter Semone, David Gillbanks, Ken Scott and Michael Yates, and the whole PATA team for helping the ETC purchase its own dive compressor, and for the ongoing support and connectivity that you have provided.

Thank you Joanne Marston and team Project Aware for your grant to help the ETC in it’s mission to restore, protect, and educate others about our local undersea environment. Our students have done an amazing job of taking a leadership role in all three areas. Thanks for giving us our start, and your continuing support. Our hope is that we can continue to be the team people call on to do the job.

Thank you Holger Saupe and the Dive Supply Crew for the early and ongoing support you have given the ETC students. You have supplied us, and nutured us, and have always been there from the beginning. Three Cheers!

Thank you Bangkok-Phuket International Hospital and Rowan Sanderson for sending out the Badalveda Dive Medicine Team to teach and train our students. Our students have become one of the best trained emergency crew in the area, and we thank you for your support.

Thank you Jane Crouch of Intrepid Travel and Foundation for your grant to help us with our video production lab. Our students have all been so very excited to learn the art of undersea video and they are all certified specialty divers thanks to you. Our first time out with the camera produced and incredible piece of footage of our Manta Rescue and this has helped us get news coverage and further suppport. Thank you so much.

Gary Hawks, and the DAN team, thank you for directing your donated dive gear to the ETC (thank you Tricky over there Downunder too) and for your support with DAN education for our students. It has been an important part of the their program and training. Thank you DAN!

Alan Morrison, when no one else thought it was a story, you helped by writing one anyway. And in that way you helped write the rest of our amazing story. I appreciate your style and your belief in our program. I hope that you continue to write about our program, for we are just getting started making news.

Roel van Leeuwen, Doreen Goh, and the ADEX team, thank you so much for your donation of our first 10 sets of dive gear and for your continued support of our program. ADEX is the place that the ETC got it’s start, and will continue to be the place the ETC connects to the Scuba Industry. Thanks so much.

Gary Hawks, your name seems to keep popping up. Thank you Sir for the job you have done supporting us personally and making the rounds to connect us with the rest of the industry. We appreciate all that you have done, and we look forward to working with you in the coming years. Hats off to you and your lovely wife.

To Mr. K.P. Ho and his most amazing daughter Renyung, we issue a huge thank you supporting our students and our early days when the ETC was only a vision. Thanks both of you. I hope you are proud of being a part of the ETC.

K.C. This is for you, our Thai National Dive Medic, our champion, our bridge, our teacher. Thank you for all that you’ve done for our students this year, and for the top quality instruction and the industry support you have argued for on our behalf. You have brought us so much and we thank you for all of it. I hope we always have your tremendous support.
To Dave Williams and the Crew of Paddle Asia, thank you for the adventures, the culture, the time and the money you've put into our program. We're so glad your on our side, and we hope that though the years we can do amazing things together.
Thank you Eric Lee and Patrick Brown of Jiva Creative for your talent and time to make this website come to life. For the support and the technical know how, we are very grateful, for it is this website that will communicate our mission to the planet and help us find the support we need to survive. Cheers Guys!
Thank you Nick Ascot and Jason Rolan of North by North East Travel for your continued support and help in bringing new experiences to the ETC program. You guys have always been champions of what we are trying to and we really do appreciate how you guys just jumped in and lended a hand. We look forward to working with your team to bring both cultural exchange and environmental experiences to our next batch of young Thai people.
Thank you Dr. Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM. It was your early faith in me that rallied the support of your considerable circle of international friends and colleagues. The lion's share of our initial funding came through people you know. I hope that you are proud of me Dad, and that all of your wonderful friends are proud of helping us too. Our first year was nothing short of spectacular. To my brothers Blake and Todd Ridgway, and to my mother and stepfather Carol and Jerry Huot, to my daughter Yevonne and my sister Kirstin, and all my extended family, and to all your circle of friends and my own dear friends here and in America, I wish to say Thank You (all of you) for supporting me always thoughout the incredible winding river of life. All of you are part of this success, part of this small little miracle in my life and the lives of those we are teaching. It's the best thing I've ever done with my time.
Thank you to Anne Bideau, Anne Bhucharoen, Joseph Pernot, Antoine Petibon, Edith Pouchard, and all the folks who have worked together to support the ETC in our comming year. We hope we can bring honor and pride to the the French Red Cross organization though our continued effort to make this program the very best it can be. Thank you for having elected to fully support the ETC mission here in Khaolak, Thailand.