How You Can Help the ETC Mission

There are a variety of actions that people, businesses, clubs, churches, and organizations can take to help the ETC. The important thing to keep in mind is this:  it isn’t how much you give, it’s taking action and doing whatever you are able to do that matters. Here’s a few easy ways for you to make a difference.

Make a Donation

We need more computers and office equipment, we need additional dive gear and we need some transport vehicle(s). But don’t believe for a second that you can’t help us with these things. You can. Just take an action. Everything counts. You can simply donate any amount that suits you via your credit card or Pay-Pal if you like. You can even opt to make a small automatic contribution every month, which is a great choice and helps us to plan.

Register for the Aquadus–Set A World Record!

If you are a SCUBA diver (or have always wanted to be one) there’s a really fun way to help us. Sign up to participate in the Aquadus- A mass Exodus to the underwater world. We are going to set the world record for the most people underwater at the same time all over the planet. You get an offical T-shirt and you get your name in the official world record. First time divers get a special T-Shirt! Your registration fee helps the ETC program continue to help others.

Sponsor a Student

Our students need scholarhships. This is what allows them to participate in the 9 month intensive program. Last year a group of fourth grade students sold enough Tsunami wrist bands to sponsor ETC student Jack Khaitnui and now Jack is an ETC graduate and a PADI open water dive instructor. If they can do it, you can too!

Give your Time and Expertise

If you have a special skill or knowledge to to share with our students and want to conduct a learning workshop, we stand ready to assist  you with all the planning and logistics. You will join a proud group of people who walk away with a very personal connection to the students and the ETC project. This is a great gift and part of the central mission. Just let us know!

Write a Story

If you are a media professional, or have media contacts please encourage the press to cover the ETC mission and let people know about us. We stand ready to support you with a rich history of community involvement, doing amazing things, and documenting all of it with photos, video, text, and audio. Just ask us!

Buy a Product

Buying a product, like a hat or a T-shirt or a DVD helps the ETC keep helping other people, and you still get something tangible too!